The cloud is a storage platform on the Internet where you can store all kinds of files such as documents, photos or videos and you can access them from different devices. Wherever you go, you will always carry your files with you, you will only need an internet connection. Most clouds allow you to invite other users, view files and download them, without the need to send attachments

cloud based phone system

What advantages does it offer?
The main advantage of having your files in the cloud is that you can access them from your smart phone, tablet or computer anywhere. The cloud is safe and you will not have to be careful to lose that pen drive where you carry those photos that are so important to you. In addition, you save memory on your devices

Do I use several?
You can use several without any problem; you just have to know what each one offers you. By using several platforms, we will have the advantage of having more storage capacity to be able to store all our files. The downside is having several users and passwords, one for each cloud; although there are already solutions for this problem because platforms like Multicolour allow you to manage all your clouds in a single tool

How do I use it?
There are two ways to use services in the cloud. Through its application or program, which will allow us to upload files quickly and easily? Another way is to access the website of the service, where we can upload files without the need of installations, only with our username and password

The telephony in the cloud is one that can be borrowed through an application accessible via the Internet. Although it is IP Telephony, it is said to be in the cloud as long as it can be provided by a third provider other than the provider that provides Internet access. Therefore, the cloud concept is used when the service can be accessed from any Internet access.

Mobility and Portability

The telephony in the cloud adapts to the relocation of companies. With the Virtual Power Plants, you can work from anywhere in the world using the same telephone number from a terminal with an Internet connection: computer, tablet or smart phone.

Even so, many companies today refuse to give up their traditional telephone systems. So we are closely watching the real benefits of switching to IP telephony, specifically cloud telephony services, and exposing why technology is going to win this test, especially considering the needs of today’s modern companies. .

When something goes wrong with the hardware, the most normal thing is that we lose many hours and also money. We will have to contact the service provider and make arrangements to solve the problem.

Because the telephone system is physically in our office and depends on the hardware, the chances of solving the problem immediately are quite slim.

What if we have multiple locations?

Many companies operate more than one site, often in more than one country. Contrary to what happens with the classic telephone systems, the telephony in the cloud has a system and a cost for multiple locations. This saves money and time. If we open a new location as our company grows, we can simply extend our system to that area. We can access the switchboard from anywhere in the world.

It is true that, although many companies have adopted and have benefited from cloud technology, some are not sure whether to jump or not. They feel that, when transferring their systems out of their office, they are losing control: nothing is further from reality. When transferring to a cloud solution, many companies discover that they have more control and can easily manage their entire system from a central control panel.