A telephone system in the cloud is a business phone platform based on Voice over IP (VoIP) hosted by a third party provider. Cloud telephony systems frequently proffer advanced safety and telephony functions, such as: addition dialing, automatic operators and meeting bridges. Below is guiding how cloud based phone system impact the small business.

cloud based phone system

The before the Cloud-based Telephone Systems, in a few words

Commercial telephone systems have live for a long time, even previous to the Internet. At a minimum, telephone systems characteristically allow a company to have a primary telephone number with extensions to reach employees. Since telephone systems were based on VoIP in the mid 1990s, small companies were capable to run their own amenities by installing telephony software on a server and linking telephones to the server by mean of their IP network.

But for a small or medium sized company, running their own telephone system necessitate IT overload, such as: purchasing a SIP or PRI trunk service to attach the telephone system to the public switched telephone network.

Small businesses or start-ups are entities of the business community, which have so many unique characteristics that it is difficult to obtain standard services to meet their needs.

VoIP, however, because of its reputation as an affordable and flexible way of communicating, proves to be a powerful tool for companies that open their way into the fierce world of business.

Choosing the right phone system in the cloud depends on the size of your business, needs and budget.

Due to its versatility, the Cloud PBX can be used in different ways, and it has multiple advantages for SMBs, but here are some of the most important effect of Cloud Based Phone System for Small Business:

  1. Build a broad and professional image for the company

Large companies have complex telephony systems that manage their communications. Interactive voice response (IVR) systems of several levels, rows with music and personalized messages, and other sophisticated features that may seem impossible to obtain. A VoIP system can do that without the need for an army of IT experts on your payroll.

  1. A hosted telephone system that is where you need it

We all know how small businesses work: people who perform multiple functions, warriors who work from the outside in search of new clients or in the service of existing ones, small offices, and remote employees. All key people connect to the same embedded hosted system from anywhere and from any device, as long as they are connected to the Internet.

  1. The PBX in the Cloud is scalable

While you are beginning, you may be tempted to go with a small, cheaper solution that serves your needs only for a while and then requires updates or new investments. A managed hosted phone system saves you the problem and expense by having only the size you need, at any given time.

  1. Virtual Numbers increase your coverage

Do you think you need a local office to take advantage of other markets? No way. You just have to get a local number from all of Canada or international. Your business will expand your presence simply by giving customers a virtual local phone number to call.

  1. Let’s not forget the huge savings

Ideally, this element is best left to last because many people think that VoIP is the way to go only if you need to save. There is much more than what a VoIP phone system can do for a small business. But, comparing the other benefits with a traditional system, it’s not worth spending money if you do not really think it’s beneficial for your business.