The VoIP today is an increasingly discussed topic in those companies where you want to reduce costs enterprise telephony and at the same time look forward to. Often, however, those who have to make the presentation have as an input from the management only the economic savings and thus risk falling into a chain of wrong choices that can be the cause of economic and image damage to the company itself.

VOIP providers

Will you save on VoIP?

Yes! That is, if designed in a certain way following all the technical features that require such a delicate service, you can also save money, depending on how big your company is and what services you currently have from your telephony operator. I’ll tell you the secret of puffin immediately: if you are in the office with 5 and you have 3 phones with an analog Telecom line, it is unlikely that with a working VoIP solution you can pay less for your bill.

But if you add to the analog line the fee you pay for the ADSL / fiber connection, the switchboard fee and the cost of repairing the phones then maybe you start to see the first point of savings. What needs to be clear is that if you want to save money, you need to rely on a supplier that can give you the whole range of products and services that serve to make the VoIP lines work with the same quality as those of Telecom.

What do you need to have a working VoIP service?   

Quality xDSL line. It does not mean having the 100M but it means having technical values of stability and constant speed. A double VC band configuration, i.e. a physical part of the line, will always be dedicated to VoIP traffic and therefore to your calls. Even if you live in the center of Milan and you have the 100M I assure you that very often while you are downloading the latest movie or PC updates all together in the early morning and you get a phone call you will not feel good at all and of course your customer. And your image?

A professional router with the possibility of backup and above all that must be managed by the VoIP providers Los Angeles. This is because only those who have visibility on the VoIP platform can know how the line is behaving and therefore where to intervene to avoid service blockages or quality degradation. It is useless to have 30M of the band with the X operator and the VoIP lines with the Y operator

Quality central and/or internal telephones. Don’t think you can buy a VoIP service online on a home connection using it as a phone software on your PC. This is not VoIP this is throwing the money and doing huge damage to the corporate image.

Include in every VoIP service and cloud Based Phone System for Small Business the global technical assistance that covers both the failures of the xDSL line and all the possible problems of the telephones, the switchboard and above all that has real-time monitoring for the management of quality levels in a pro-active way before your number is unreachable.

These are the steps needed to have a service that ultimately meets the level of quality you and your customers expect. Then many options can be activated using VoIP technology at much lower costs than legacy or old-fashioned solutions.

Let’s start with the Fax Server which in VoIP allows you to use emails to receive and send your faxes at a low monthly cost, let’s talk about a few euros. Add to this the savings we will have on printers using fewer colors, toner, and paper.

The automatic operator is that service that when you call a company answers you welcoming you politely, giving you a nice promotional message and listing the various options 1, 2, 3 to talk to the desired office.

Mobile apps are all those apps that you can install on your smartphones and carry your extension and your number around with you.

Security In the case of a VoIP solution all the security part is managed by the supplier and your network remains safe from the attacks that occur daily on the internet to make fraudulent calls at your expense. Firewalls, remote access, patches, routing changes and much more are centrally managed based on real-time data. It’s not like updating your antivirus on the PC.