A Cloud based phone system is a commercial telephony platform based on Voice over IP where the telephony system is hosted in the cloud, in high security external data centers. It Use the Internet as a means of transportation and not telephone cables. This allows access from anywhere. The payment is usually by subscription.

The cloud based phone system is much more than a switchboard because it offers many more solutions than the traditional switchboard.

Cloud phone

What are the Benefits of cloud based phone system:

Investment savings

It does not require the acquisition or installation of a physical plant since it is available in the cloud and accessed from the Internet. This translates into zero investments.

Savings in current expenses

The inmates may be distributed in different geographical locations so the calls between inmates will not cost within the same office, nor when the inmates are in other homes. This means significant savings especially for companies with many branches.

Immediate implementation

With only having Internet, the service can be hired and used immediately.

Mobility and Portability

The telephony in the cloud adapts to the relocation of companies. With the Virtual Power Plants, you can work from anywhere in the world using the same telephone number from a terminal with an Internet connection: computer, tablet or Smartphone.

Novel functionalities

It allows to have innovative features such as receiving voicemail messages by email, having pre-attendant, fax server, possibility of having inmates in cell phones smart phones, call diversion, call recordings that can be saved in DropBox, billing system integrated electronics, high definition (HD) in calls, click to call, waiting queue, etc.

Big data calls

It allows to monitor the calls in real time and obtain statistics and relevant information of the calls which facilitates the management of incoming and outgoing communications, the relationship of the generated consumption and take advantage of the information to improve sales or customer service.

How does the concept of cloud telephony works?

A cloud based phone system is a business phone platform based on Voice over IP (VoIP) hosted by a third party provider. Cloud-based telephone systems often offer advanced security and telephony functions, such as dialing extensions, auto attendants, and conference bridges.

Commercial telephone systems have existed for a long time, even before the Internet. At a minimum, telephone systems generally allow a company to have a primary telephone number with extensions to reach employees. Since telephone systems were based on VoIP in the mid-1990s, companies could run their own facilities by installing telephony software on a server and connecting telephones to the server through their IP network.

Telephony in the Cloud: Operation and requirements

In order for the voice to be transmitted over the Internet, IP telephony converts the voice signal (analog) to data packets that can be sent over the Internet. In the same way, it is responsible for decompressing these data packages so that the voice can be heard by the person on the phone. If you have an Internet connection in a home or office, you can count on fixed telephony service over the Internet thanks to IP telephony.
In the case of individuals (residential users), you can count on IP telephony through the Internet connection they have in their homes. In this case, you can contract the service of multiple providers and you can use it either through an application on your computer, or with an IP phone or IP adapter (ATA) at home. This type of service, however, being similar to that of traditional fixed telephony, does not seem to have much growth potential since residential users have cell phones and fewer are opting for fixed telephony at home.